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STM32H747 LCD display issue


When I flash some .bin the LCD doesen't work. It just display the a noise picture. With similar examples does work and with more advanced examples like the EmbeddedWizard it works too.

When does not work, every time display the same static image:


Karl Yamashita
Lead II

I tried programming @Community member​ file that he posted and on the first try i was able to get it working.


i programmed it with a simple TouchGFX project to overwrite what was in memory. Then I tried subsequent times to program the hex file and all i could get to show was the Blue bar with white space, so without the image of the girl flying the kite and the white text..

I then followed the link to this post ttps://

and tried to program the demo but nothing was showing, just a black screen.

Then I checked all boxes for the Erase External Memory before i started programming. It took a long time to erase the external memory but it ended up programming and I got the demo to work.



So i tried both Tesla's file and the demo hex file going back and forth. They both are consistently programming and displaying correctly.

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Thanks for the info, so definitely looks like a faulty board here. I will put in for a return.


And as a final test I erased all Flash and All external memory and then downloaded the hex from @Community member​ I still get the corrupted screen.


I have tried to do the same but it doesn't work. I have 2 STM32H747 and neither of the 2 works. I don't think it's uploading badly the .bin. I honestly don't know what can happen. When I uploade TouchGFX it work's fine.

I bought it to put a camera on it and do something with the AI-Vision pack. But if the exemples don't work...

Did you purchase the two boards at the same time? Did you get them from mouser?

At the same time, but from RS components.

Thanks, Im wondering if it is the actual displays that are the issue, not the main board.

If you look on the sticker I'm guessing the Bottom number is the serial, yours and mine are very close, @Community member​ has an earlier one:

Yours A225301364
Mine  A225301336
Karls A191003163

What is that number on the screen of your other board?


The other screen number is: A225300829

ST Employee

Hello @Community member​ 

I assume you're using LCD revA02 or A01 ? can you confirm that?

Thank you!

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There is a pic of Karls board above running an example, it is an A03