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New STM32H747-DISCO example problems.


Hi There,

I have a new STM32H747-DISCO here.

The board came without the demo flashed on it, also the demo can not be flashed, see here:

Most of the examples in the cube package concerning the lcd do not work, see here:

The BSP example doesn't build, the project import looks wonky, links are incorrect.

Some stemwin examples that build will not flash, for example STemWin_acceleration_CM7.

As the linked problems have also been posted very recently is there a new revision of this board that is not compatible with the examples?

I have tried STMCubeIde 1.11 and 1.12, also tried on windows, linux and even a Mac.

Exact same issues on all of them.

Anyone any ideas how to progress here as basically very little is working!


Hi Bill,

If you build and flash one of the DSI command mode examples then you should see the screen jump into life.



Thanks Andy,

I flashed it with the EmbeddedWizard demo and everything seems to be working!

I have a revision A display and it seemed to be DOA. All good now. Thanks!

ST Employee

Hello ,

The fix is available on GitHub :

In fact , LCD DSI MB1166-A9 delivered with latest version of STM32H747I-DISCO/ boards come based on LCD FGRIDA FRD400B25025-A-CTK instead of FRD397B25009-D-CTK.

Now the firmware is updated , you just need to enable the right hardware component as defined in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file and add the new component library (NT35510) in your project .

/* IMPORTANT: One of the following flags must be enabled in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file */

/* options in order to select the target daughter board revision connected on STM32H747I DISCOVERY : !!!!!!!!!! */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_OTM8009A */ /* Applicable for all LCD daughter boards (MB1166) except for Rev -A09 */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_NT35510 */ /* Applicable only for LCD daughter boards (MB1166) Rev -A09 */


Thanks for the info, I will try it later today.

My LCD does have a sticker with MB1166-A03 A225302336 though, are we thinking the sticker is incorrect?

hello @ACapo.1​ ,

your LCD MB1166-A03 A225302336  is also with the LCD FGRIDA FRD400B25025-A-CTK , so you can use this fix

Thank you


I tried the DMA2D_BlendingWithAlphaInversion example, the nt35510*.* files are missing from the Components folder in the project, once that was fixed and the define was set the example worked fine.

Thanks for letting us know about the fix.

All the best.


Hello MOEZBEJ​ ,

i also have this problem with my new board... Tuti fruti demo works fine, But the full demo doesn't do anything...

where can i find the UN-compiled source code for the full demo, so that i also can do these changes?
Already thanks and friendly regards!