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multi touch controller ILI2511 USB interface

Sahil Ahmad
Associate II

I am having 10.1 Inch display with CTP. The touch controller is ILI2511 at USB interface only. It is configured as multi touch point touch pad.

I connected touch panel with PC, it is detected by PC and multi touch test screen appears on PC screen, where I can see touch point where I touches the touch panel.

I want to use this panel with STM32H7 MCU at USB interface. Can anyone help.

Alexandre RENOUX


We do not have examples with USB interface touch controller.

However the principle is simple. In STM32TouchController.cpp file situated in TouchGFX/target/ folder, you initialize your touch controller driver (see void STM32TouchController::init()) and then in bool STM32TouchController::sampleTouch(int32_t& x, int32_t& y) you retrieve the coordinates from your TouchController. You can look at any Application Template available in TouchGFX Designer that has a touchable screen for reference. Note that you need to have a working driver in order to make things possible. Also TouchGFX do not support multi touch so you will only be able to pass one point coordinates at a time to the framework.




could you finally drive it?I have the same problem and I need help