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I had posted question regarding the Touch GFX and LwIP over STM32F7508DK. Has anyone such issue, Please community help me solve the issue. i have the attached the link below

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  1. Why are you making a duplicate topic?
  2. Why cannot you put an appropriate tags to the topics?
  3. Why cannot you even explain the actual problem?
  4. What have you done till now to solve the problem?
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Hello Piranha,

Firstly it was a mistake to create duplicate topic.

I am trying to create a prototype with STM32F7508-DK in which i would like to use Touch Display, Ethernet module and Some GPIO and UART for it.

Initially i tried to do an individual setup for every component like Ethernet,GPIO and UART, Touch display. all the setup works when get up as different project for each components. Later i am combining all the components (integrating together) i don't face any problem for Ethernet,GPIO and UART with FreeRTOS. i am able ping to a static IP and receive back the ping do rest of my task.

But the problems arises when i tired to integrate the touch display and other components mainly with Ethernet module. i do the same process here include the components from CubeMX after creating Touch GFX project. and now when i try to ping their is no response at all.

I see that some memory configuration is done the Touch GFX project itself even for LwIP and it is same and correct what is necessary.

i am currently following this tutorial for seting the Ethernet as i am using the same Development Kit and it works without Touch display, But fails when i create a project from Touch GFX and follow the procedure.

if needed i can provide demo project files for both the scenario.

I hope i have tired to explain the problem faced by me. (is it possible to activate touch display and Ethernet for this Kit).

With Regards

Lakshminarayana KS