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How to switch the Screens in TouchGFX Designer without adding any buttons or other widgets?



In the Touch GFX Designer, I have taken the total of four screens. In the first screen, I have added a background image to it. Next I have taken a box and added some color to it.

Then I have done same with the other three screens. I have taken box in each screen and filled different colors to the box after adding a background image to the Screen. I also added interactions to change the Screen by wiping and given directions to wipe the every Screen and finally tried to run the simulator, but only the first screen could be able to seen in the simulator and switching the screens is not getting in the simulator.

 Is it possible to change the Screens without adding of buttons? If so, How?

Chief II

And additional info use Delay interraction is good only for intro screens or info , that disapear automatic after defined delay. For control switching screens in normal code you define interraction to hardware button (will virtual dont exist in your design only in code) and if you choice ASCII char for example X , then in simulator you can test it with X on keyboard. 

Senior III

I have solved this by having a button off-screen that implements the interaction. This way you can make sure the appropriate code gets generated. The transition method can be called like stated above but but having the invisible button you will have the animation generated as you want

Hi @HP, you dont need a hidden off-screen Button to get the changescreen-Function generated. Just create an Interaction and let the Trigger unselected.

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Hello @Shivani ,

Of course you can 🙂 I've found this message from another thread that describes how to change your screen after some ticks for example. Doesn't require any buttons or widgets if it's what you need.

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Aaah, nice! thanks 🙂