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How to import a TouchGFX graphics to an existing STMCubeIDE Project

Associate II

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem. I am doing some testing with an STM32f429I board. My project involves controlling several peripherals. Now what I would like to ask is, once I have created a TouchGFX graphic with all the interactions and various pages, how do I integrate it into my pre-existing project on CubeIDE without upsetting everything?
I already have TouchGFX enabled in the software package. I would like to physically figure out how to move the graphic from the project that GFX creates for me to my own. Then I will figure out how to implement the functions for the interactions in the graphics.


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Chief II

Your idea isnt standart steps, but manualy you can do it.

1. Your project without TGFX must be MX ioc created and right user placed codes.

2. Open ioc in MX or IDE plugin and add software package TGFX into project. Configure display and TGFX parts and generate code.

3. Into project is added TGFX parts and template with empty presets. Open template and create tgfx file first generate empty gui. 

4. Now stat manual steps around copy from existed tgfx into new empty... Optimaly existed project name is same as ioc project, when no rename ... Renaming file and inside file names to project.

5. Copy Assets Gui folders and  projectname.touchgfx file.

This is basic steps...

Perfect. Thank you.
I created a CubeIDE project, and the touchGFX folder is empty with the application file that is linked to TGFX. I import my GUI from there and generate the code. I get this code back to CubeIDE. I compile the code without errors but in the LCD I see the blank screen when compiling just the project generating TGFX goes.
What am I missing to add to the CubeIDE project?

This is normal situaton. CubeIDE project generate init for hw , but no drivers for display and TouchGFX is too only GUI memory manager. HW part is your job. You dont specify display interface type, then ... For basic full framebuffer in memory LTDC displays , you minimal require add to code reset display , send init , ans setup backlight.

Hello @Leo99 ,
@MM..1 has already provided the required information to get you going. 
You can take a look at these documents to understand how you should set up your display to allow it communicate with TouchGFX:
Display with framebuffer in internal RAM 
Abstraction Layer Architecture 

Best regards,

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX