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STUSB1602 + STM32F446ZE


I am currently working on a project where USB-C PD stack implementation on STM32F446ZE board. I have downloaded the necessary files which I have shown in my attachment (zip folder downloaded from Kindly answer my questions keeping in mind that I am just a beginner in using STM32CubeIDE but I have worked on other platforms like Code Composer Studio very well.

1. How to flash those files onto STM32F446ZE board using STM32Cube IDE? I have tried importing project ijn STM32CubeIDE on my own in various ways but Build Option itself is not even enabling. Later I figured it out myself that this particular project is not written in STM32CubeIDE but IAR by developers upon observing the names of those project folders. So, kindly tell me the steps to be followed about how to import smoothly those projects in STM32CubeIDE...

2. If proper importing of project is possible, I would like to add UART communication to the existing project. Previously I have used CubeIDE ".ioc" Graphics tool to initialize and establish UART communication on STM boards. So, since this project did not initialize ports and pins using ".ioc" file, is adding UART feature still easy in the existing project using CubeIDE, if so, kindly mention the detailed steps.

3. If importing the project is not possible or UART configuration is not possible in STM32CubeIDE, kindly advise me other ways of achieving my requirement.
Thanks in advance! Kindly help me in flashing my STM32F446ZE with this project with detailed steps.