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Demos for STM32F746G-DISCO or STM32F469I-DISCO Not Working

Associate II

I am new to TouchGFX and just want to get up and running with a working code example. I picked up a STM32F469I-DISCO but it did not have a working demo out of the box and it would not run any of the TouchGFX Designer Demos/Examples. I then ordered a second STM32F469I-DISCO thinking I just had a defective unit, but the replacement behaved identical. I then ordered a STM32F746G-DISCO which did have a working demo out of the box. However, when I flashed TouchGFX Designer Demos/Examples the display worked, but the touchscreen did not.

I could really use some help getting a demo project working so I can start learning my way around TouchGFX.

Any help would be appreciated!

ST Employee


Could you check the revision of the STM32F469I-dk ? You can find this information on a white sticker on the board, look for something ending by B-0x or C-0x. If you have the B-08 it is a recent known issue due to a change in the screen (or controller I do not know the details) between versions.

This user in this post has created a project for the B-08 boards which you can use. The TouchGFX team will upload an update TouchGFX Board Setup in TouchGFX Designer as well once they have one available.

Concerning the STM32F746G disco this is also a known issue which I thought was fixed, I'll poke the TouchGFX team again. You have the solution in this post as well.


Hi Roman,

Thank you for the quick reply!

The STM32F469I-DISCO has one white sticker on its back side with the text "STM32F469I-DISCO" and "DK32F469I$AU1". Do not see a "B-0x" or "C-0x" code anywhere on the device.

I will take a look as the post for the STM32F746G DISCO. However, would much prefer to get the STM32F469I DISCO up and running.


Hum stranged concerning the missing sticker.

It is planned, the TouchGFX team is just very busy this week with other tasks unfortunately.


DK32F469I$AU1 should be the B-08 revision. You can get the revision by scanning the QR-code. As already mentioned, you can clone and run this project on the F469I board:

Hi Romain,

I downloaded the github project, however the build failed due to the following:

"Description Resource Path Location Type

make: *** No rule to make target 'C:/Users/joe/Desktop/STM32F469I-Discovery-main/STM32F469I-Discovery-main/TouchGFX/generated/fonts/src/ApplicationFontProvider.cpp', needed by 'Application/User/generated/ApplicationFontProvider.o'. Stop. STM32F469I-DISCO C/C++ Problem"

How do I go about fixing this issue?



You have to open the project first, one time, in TouchGFX (subfolder touchgfx and double click on the .touchgfx file) and build it there. TouchGFX will generate all files that you need. After the initial generation you can use CubeIDE.

That did the trick, the display and touchscreen are now working!

Thanks for all your help!



Same thing happened on my new board.

This corrected the issue.

But, the main makefile referenced the old TouchGFX folders, and some C:/git/ folders had to change it manually to get it work.