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Is there any Documentation/Example of configuring the STM32F469i-Disco LCD with STemWin in STM32CubeMX?

Jannis Dohm
Associate II

I'm trying to generate a STM32CubeMX Project for AC6 but can't find the information necessary to do so.

I tried to use the “default mode�?, look for the information inside the (working) BSP code and searched the web for the information or a preconfigured *.ioc file but couldn’t find one.

I already found this answer:

unfortunately the mentioned ioc file isn’t provided anymore, furthermore I would realy like to use the new STM32CubeMX version which provides STemWin Support out of the box.

I would be grateful for any helping hint, thanks in advance.


ST Employee

Hello @Jannis Dohm​ ,

You can follow this FAQ to start a basic graphical application using the STM32CubeMX tool and STemWin:

With Regards,


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Jannis Dohm
Associate II

Thanks, I will try this tomorrow even though it starts with an *.ioc file for another discovery board and therefore misses exactly the information I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the examples in the HAL trees are not generated with CubeMX .IOC files, but rather engineers tasked with building something tested/workable.

They can be used as a pretty strong base from which to fork a test or prototype project.

I do believe having a set of example .IOC files for all of ST's boards would be of significant benefit to a large number of users. That or a super-simple wizard in CubeMX to make a board demo with a selectable subset of top-level functionality.

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Jannis Dohm
Associate II

Unfortunately I can’t get the example you linked @Imen DAHMEN​  up and running (the screen stays black).

I believe it is a mistake in my starting *.ioc file, as I would aspekt to see at least a hello world even without the FAQ tutorial but without the tutorial the screen stays black as well.

Is there someone that already got STemWin up and running? And can offer his *.ioc file?

As for working with the CubeF4 example, the example works fine, but I can’t get the can bus up and running in the example (sends once and enters infinity loop when trying to send the second time).

Also I would really like to build the project starting from cubeMX rather than starting by the example.