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Can we run TouchGFX on Linux/Wine ?

Associate III

I just discover that the TouchGFX tool run only on Windows ...


I do not use Windows and I have no plan to use it one day.

Do you know if it run on Linux with Wine ?




I'm developer on linux.

I using TouchGFX 4.21.3 on bottles(flatpak) application.

=== environment ===​

OS: Manjaro Linux

Kernel: linux-6.1.19

Window manager: KDE plasma 5.26.5

flatpak Ver. : 1.15.2

Bottles​ Ver. : 51.5


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: nVIDIA GeForce GT710

RAM: 16GiB

My settings are as follows:

1. Create a new bottles

2.Option -> Settings0693W00000aJpiaQAC.pngIn addition to the settings used in the above picture, other defaults are fine.

3.Option -> Dependencies​0693W00000aJpm3QAC.pngAdditional installation "vcredist2012" & "allfonts"

4.Install TouchGFX 4.21.3 & startup application.

splash screen will be problematic

0693W00000aJpnLQAS.png​But it is normal to enter the main screen.​0693W00000aJpoTQAS.png

Sorry my poor english.


I couldn't get it to work using wine but soda launched fine (even the splash is shown correctly). Unfortunately, network connection isn't working, so it becomes pretty unusable.

Associate III

I got the latest version fully working in Bottles, including networking.

  1. Install Bottles using flatpak
  2. Launch Bottles, click on the three lines menu icon or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+,
  3. Click on the Runners tab and install wine-ge-proton8-14
  4. Create a new Bottle
  5. Go to Settings - Components
  6. Select sys-wine-8.0.2 as your runner (wine-ge-proton give and space in path error)
  7. DXVK: disabled
  8. VKD3D: disabled
  9. DXVK NVAPI: dxvk-nvapi-v0.6.3
  10. Go back and select Dependencies
  11. Install allfonts and vcredist2015
  12. Go back, click on the Run Executable button and select the TouchGFX Designer .msi installer
  13. After the installation is done, launching will not work. Go back again and select wine-ge-proton8-14 as your runner.

Almost everything should be working now. Enjoy!

Run target (flashing) isn't working and I don't know if is possible to pass the st-link usb connection to Wine/Bottles, but I'm ok with this.

So great! I have TouchGFX 4.22 in LINUX!
Couple of tips:

  1. .msi file needs to be copied into the bottle directory. Bottles are sandboxed and can't access the executable in the user path. You can access the bottle folder by clicking the menu in the top right and choose "Browse Files":
    Screenshot from 2023-09-06 15-45-13.png
  2. Compile time is slow, when generating code it does take more time than normal.
  3. The simulator is also slower than normal.
  4. If you are using Bottles as a flatpak, you will have to add permissions to the bottle for user defined paths. I'm using a tool called Flatseal, which is a flatpak app, to easily add those permissions.

I'm glad it worked for you too!