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Calibri font problem

Associate III


I use STM32F746 and 800x480 TFT display and I use Calibri fonts but some calibri fonts cannot be shown correctly.

I tried all texts with BPP8, BPP4, BPP1, but nothing is changed.

How can I solve this?

ST Employee


This issue seems to be related to the font itself, as it does not happen with Calibri Light, bold, ... We will investigate on that but for now I would suggest to select another font.


Hi @Romain DIELEMAN​ , any update on this? I faced similar issue and I would love to use Calibri font

With which version of TouchGFX are you working ? Font handling ahs been improved in TouchGFX 4.17 but I have not tried this specific font recently.


latest version as of now TouchGFX 4.17


We have contacted ST support and this problem is still not fixed as of 27.07.2023 / TouchGFX version 4.22.070.

The issue explanation is as below:

TouchGFX team found the issue, it is because for some size (12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 19) it is actually Bitmap fonts and not TrueType fonts that are contained in the Calibri.ttf file, so TouchGFX TextConverter might interpret those fonts wrongly.

I think it is worth mentioning that we have been also advised by the support team that using Calibri font in a Display product requires license from Microsoft. In our case the customer preferred to use a free license font instead.