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XCP timeout error in MATLAB Simulink when trying to monitor code on Nucleo STM32G431RB



I am trying to monitor a simple model build in MATLAB Simulink and running on my Nucleo STM32G4321RB board.

Building and deploying the model on the controller is possible, the code is running properly. But when I try to use the external mode function in Simulink, to monitor the running code, there is an error:

"XCP internal error: timeout expired, in response to XCP CONNECT command".


The model itself is very simple. Read digital input from User-Button and output state to User-LED.

According to the user manual UM2505 from ST, on the G431RB-board the LPUART1 is connected to STLINK-V3E Virtual COM Port by default.

So I have setup the LPUART1 in CubeMX in asynchronous mode at 115200 Bits/s.

And also configured the Simulink model for LPUART1 and COM3 (as given by Windows device manager)


But it just won't work. And I could not find any helpful answers on google for this problem.

I also tried UART1 and UART3 in desperation, but that's not working either, of course.

Does anyone have an idea, how to get this running?

Thanks for your help.


Any updates from ur side ? as i have same problem as u 


Associate III


I have the same error and I am still not able to solve it nor find any solution online. I am using a USB TTL 232 RPI cable for my MEMS accelerometer. Could anyone please confirm or suggest a solution? Thank you!