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Toolchains build around vim editor

Senior III

I personally like Vim as an editor. But it lacks of toolchains support for embedded development especially on Windows operating system. May I know if someone manage to find the right recipe?

  1. How do you get compiler ?
  2. How do you get the debugger?
  3. How do you get the code intellisense for C/C++ ?

Looks like you can get VIM plugins for Eclipse.

I doubt anyone is going to invest in making an entire IDE for such a small audience.

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Senior III

Thanks @TDK​ , but the reason I prefer Vim is to avoid IDE like eclipse which in my personal view is too heavy weight.

I am thinking to do the development process via command line. So in CubeMX I can choose to generate the project as Makefile. But then I need to find out how to build, debug via command line. For Linux this is easier, but for windows, I am not so sure.