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The match interrupt on LPTIMx->CCRx is triggered when LPTIMx->CNT > LPTIM->CCRx - not on equal (=) as one might expect


On the STM32U5xx, ST decided to keep this interpretation of "match". It is present on other chips as well, see

This has the side effects that

  1. it will be always one tick late
  2. you can't match the LPTIMx->ARR value
  3. An interrupt will be triggered if you load a CCR < CNT


Are you sure it's not >= ?

The LPTIM documentation is, well, lacking.



@Community member​ 

I've made a test and the result was stable. In my case, the LPTIM is clocked from 32768 Hz watch crystal, in a simple up counter configuration with ARR at 0xffff (the init code is ugly, so I did not post it).

In the ISR, I've recorded the CNT and CCR values, and it was always CNT > CCR, e.g. CCR = 0x8001 and the ISR was triggered at CNT 0x8002. It takes about 1.25us to enter the ISR, so with 30.5us before the next tick: yes, I'm sure. It also fits the description in the provided link. The link also mentions a silicon bug, which blocks the MCU at the entrance of the ISR until CNT > CCR, so for ~ 1 tick (30.5us). I've not checked whether this bug is present on the STM32U5xx.