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Temperature sensor TSYS01 on STM32U575I-EV


Hello, I'm trying to implement the temperature sensor TSYS01 on STM32U575I-EV.

The datasheet of the sensor tells to reset the sensor first so I'm trying to do this like this:

HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c2, 0x77 << 1, 0x1E, 1, HAL_MAX_DELAY);

0x77 << 1 - sensor address

0x1E - reset address.

After executing this command the board fails into HardFault_Handler.

I also tried to use the code from this repository, but also no success github: eddyem/tsys01

Here I found generic driver: github: TEConnectivity/TSYS01_Generic_C_Driver

Please, help.

Thank you.


Doesn't it expect a pointer?​

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