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Sync protocol on timers - Nucleo STM32L412KB

Associate III

Hi guys,

I'm "trying" to establish a STABLE communication between USB FX2LP sync slaveFIFO and STM32 MCU, in particular with the STM32L412KB for now.

I need a stable data transfer from STM32 DMA-GPIO to FX2LP slaveFIFO with DMA clock 3MHz (later higher on other MCUs).

I know this is not the smartest idea, I'd rather do it with FPGA, etc., but thanks to chip shortage, FPGAs have become a rare animal and quite expensive one. And I do believe it is possible to implement with timers, with quite precise timings.

I'm planning to use TIM1 which is triggered by rising edge of ETR (to which I connect MCO, so I have a stable delay between rising edge of MCO and trigger event/signal).

By the TRGO of TIM1 I'll start TIM2 and TIM15 with predefined params, though ITR0 to TRGI. I made a drawings, did several attempts and all of them were fail.

I'm not sure how to configure it and if possible at all, the way I have shown in on drawings.

Any help is much appreciated!

Associate III

has anyone tried to build sync protocol on timers? (where STM32 is a sync clock source)


@SSher.3​  Did you ever get the interface to the FX2LP running?

If yes, which peripheral / IO did you use, and what's the data rate?