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STM32U5xx: USB ECM on Windows - please license driver

Senior III

My USB ECM project on NUCLEO-U575 and NUCLEO-U5A5 - it works now, on all OS platforms. 

This project and demo for a STM32U575I-EV (where I have converted from) needs a vendor driver on Windows.
Windows does not support USB ECM (or USBLAN, just RNDIS, but it is different). There is not any driver to use USB ECM on Windows, except: Belcarra USBLAN demo driver.

Dear STM Team:

please, could you consider to license the Belcarra USBLAN driver for Windows?

It would be nice, when STM (or AZURE RTOS - Microsoft), providing a demo for USB ECM, that it can be used also on a Windows OS host.
Please, license such this driver and provide it together with CubeMX (and demos, HAL drivers). Thank you.


In order to make it really correct working on all OS platforms (esp. Windows OS), a small fix in file "ux_device_descriptors.c" is needed (see the modification in the GitHub project).


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