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STM32U575ZIT6Q to STM32U575RGT6 migration problem

Associate II

Tip me please why after migration from STM32U575ZIT6Q (evaluation board STM32U5 Nucleo-144) to STM32U575RGT6 (user board) with the same configuration and project code I have problems:

  1. FD-CAN works up to 2Mbit/s instead 2.5M
  2. Flash programming a fault (the last page of Bank1, address 0x080FE000)
ST Employee

Hello @mk.1ashin​,

Note that STM32U575RGT6 is 1 Mbytes Flash size. However, STM32U575ZIT6Q is 2 Mbytes Flash size.

So, having a flash programming fault in the last page of bank 1 is reasonable. As mentioned in the RM0456, when DUALBANK = 1 in option bytes, the bank 2 base address is 0x0808 0000 for 1-Mbyte dual-bank STM32U575/585 devices.

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bVjp4QAC.pngYou may need to check the linker file and reduce the code size if it is possible through the code so the compiler will not extend the size of the memory requirements.


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