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Sleep stop standby mode - when to use them

Associate II

Hi i m currently coding standby mode to conserve battery energy a application, i know its the lowest current consumption, what and when to use the 3 modes? 

which mode should i use if i wana save battery life yet i still want SPI DMA to transfer in the background? 

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

The datasheet describes the various features & restrictions in each of the low power modes.

So you consider those features & restrictions, and see which mode best fits the requirements of your particular project.

In general, the deeper the "sleep", the more power you will save - but the less you can do while sleeping, the fewer options you have for wakeup, and the longer it will take to wake up.

Some of the lowest power modes will lose things like memory contents and register settings - which may or may not be a problem to your particular application...

ST Employee

Hello @StanCosgrove

Each mode offers different levels of power conservation and functionality, please check Getting started with PWR


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