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Simplifying I2S Bus Implementation on STM32WL55JC1 with Arduino IDE

Hello ST Community.I am currently engaged in a project that involves the use of the I2S bus with the STM32WL55JC1 microcontroller. I’ve been working within the Arduino IDE environment and have come to understand that there isn’t a readily available library for the easy implementation of this bus. From my research, it seems that creating a custom library might be necessary. However, before I proceed down this path, I wanted to reach out to the community to ask if there is a simpler method to utilize the I2S bus on the Arduino IDE with the STM32WL55JC1 Nucleo board. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it would significantly streamline the development process. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
ST Employee

Hello @CNEK1 and welcome to the ST Community 😊.

I suggest you take ask this request on the STM32Duino Community where you can find experts that could provide help on your specific case.

But I think that you can refer to the Arduino implementation and try to adapt it to the STM32.

Best Regards.


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