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Nucleo-H503RB Problem of DAC


Hi, ST community.
I'm trying to drive a motor using Nucleo-H503RB.
At that time, I want to use DAC pin to watch variables, but I have problem of DAC.

To use the DAC, I set the PA5 to the DAC in Motor Workbench.
I confirmed that when the DAC is set, an offset occurs in ADC values such as bus voltage obtained by PA1 and inverter temperature obtained by PC2.
This problem occurs even if the motor or inverter is not connected(Only Nucleo-H503RB).
I confirmed two Nucleo-H503RB,but same problem occured.
Why does this problem occur?
When offset occurs, over voltage error occurs and the motor cannot be rotated.
I'll send Workbench files with and without DAC enabled.
The software I use to generate F/W is Motor Workbench 6.2.1, EWARM V8(but debug in V9), CubeMX6.10.0, STM32Cube_FW_H5_V1.1.1 and control motor by Motor pilot 6.2.1.
Please tell me solution.

And,STM32Cube_FW_H5_V1.1.1 doesn't have Nucleo-H503RB DAC example project.
Is it under development?

Billy OWEN
ST Employee

Hi @Kota 


The forum moderator had marked your post as needing a little more investigation and direct support. An online support case has been created on your behalf, please stand by for just a moment and you will hear from us.