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Serial Numbers at production

Associate III


im looking for some advice for using serial numbers at production. Its for a STM32H747 and we don't have NFC or BL

  • is it normal practice to use your own serial numbers or use the MCU built in one?
  • if using your own, at production whats a good way to dynamically add them to the build via JLINK when loading the code.
  • are there any label printers that can be intergrated to the build process that will dynamically print a label with that serial number at the time its programmed?

just looking to get some pointers to creat a production system.


Senior III


Since you mention JLINK, from Segger you can buy their Flasher device, which has the capability to insert anywhere in the Flash a serial number (up to 32-bits IIRC) that is automatically incremented, and kept from one programming session to the other.

However, I don't know if you can extract this information from the programming command while it is being executed.

For what you want to achieve, with a printer in the mix, I believe that you should create your own bash script that will perform all the necessary tasks, including generating the label for the printer. I have never done that myself, otherwise I would give more detail.

Best regards.

thanks, i have the Segger Base Compact. maybe the flasher software will work on that.