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"Unknown signal" when trace GPIO pin status in Keil5 logic analyzer (Nucleo-H743ZI2)

Associate III


I try to trace the GPIO pin status in Keil5 MDK ARM logic analyzer, but it's not successful.

I am using the Nucleo-H743ZI2 board with STLink 3 SWO mode. I can also see the printf output in the "Debug (printf) Viewer" without any issue. The LED on board is on PB0. In the debug mode, I can see the GPIOB ODR is updating, which aligns with the LED status.

But when I type the "PORTB.0" in the Logic Analyzer setup, it said "Unknown signal".

Is there a way to trace the GPIO pin status in the logic analyzer by Keil5 MDK ARM? I tried "PORTB.0", "GPIOB.0", etc, but none of them works.

屏幕截图 2024-01-27 202501.png

Thanks in advance.



Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Note that Keil Tools are from an independent company - nothing to do with ST.

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