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Please guide me

Associate III

I have stm32 board :



and would like to make a simple helo word code in C and see out put by SWD debug connector in ITM unit (FIFO), 
SO i create simple hello word as follow:
IDE : stm32cubeide
New > stm32 project > chose above board , 
main.c :
#include <stdint.h>
int main(void)
printf("Hello World\n");
    /* Loop forever */
then add this code to syscalls.c as i found in internet :

// Implementation of printf like feature using ARM Cortex M3/M4/ ITM functionality
// This function will not work for ARM Cortex M0/M0+
// If you are using Cortex M0, then you can use semihosting feature of openOCD

//Debug Exception and Monitor Control Register base address
#define DEMCR         *((volatile uint32_t*) 0xE000EDFCU )

/* ITM register addresses */
#define ITM_STIMULUS_PORT0   *((volatile uint32_t*) 0xE0000000 )
#define ITM_TRACE_EN           *((volatile uint32_t*) 0xE0000E00 )

void ITM_SendChar(uint8_t ch)

//Enable TRCENA
DEMCR |= ( 1 << 24);

//enable stimulus port 0
ITM_TRACE_EN |= ( 1 << 0);

// read FIFO status in bit [0]:
while(!(ITM_STIMULUS_PORT0 & 1));

//Write to ITM stimulus port0

build and it work good, 
connect board by mini usb to PC USB
and as I check window , it connect and working
finally try to debug but IDE give error message : 
No ST-Link detected , Please connect ST-link and restart the debug session,
Please recommend if i miss some point ?
thank you in advance
ST Employee

Hello @CG3 

Could you please try using an other USB port on your PC and ensure that you are using a USB data cable and not a charging cable. Finally, don't forget to check that all the steps of the part 3.1 of the UM2179 are verified.

Best Regards.


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