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I am Getting into the Default handler in the startup file while enabling the LL_SPI_EnableIT_TXP(SPI1)?

Associate II

Hi Team, I am using the stm32h745zi-Q as my development board. I am working in the SPI in the low level . But When I am enabling interrupts like LL_SPI_EnableIT_TXP(SPI1); and debugging the code It is getting in to the default handler in the startup file . could you please what are the modifications is needed to come out from this.

Thank you


ST Employee

Hello @Sm.2​ ,

I was wondering where this function LL_SPI_EnableIT_TXP(SPI1); is declared,

Does it come from another driver ?

Please can you specify whether you declared SPI interruption in stm32h7xx_it.c file?

If yes, can you set a breakpoint to see whether it is reachable?

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

If the OP still needs help with this...

Align the vectors table on 0x400. 0x200 alignment is not enough for STM32H7.

void SPI1_IRQHandler(void) {
     /* TODO */

Did you write your own IRQHandler, something like I wrote above?