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How to understand the debug Flash memory in stm32f7x series


Hello everyone !!

I am Yugenthar

Right now I have debug the flash memory . using one integer type 32bit buffer variable. then store 256bit value but What happen here in stm32f767 memory .

My Quary how to understand the Debug section in stm32 or any type of controller

I give my snap anyone give the solution


You talk of FLASH​ but show code using SDRAM and dump internal SRAM in debugger.

Not sure why the dumped values are displayed in big endian format, not very helpful.

Having a hard time deciphering what the question is.

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Actually what I have conveying ,first of all I has write the code for SDRAM write and read concept but im not using external SDRAM but this code is available in google I try to understand the code and debug..

but my doubt the code is stored on flash or internal SDRAM .