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How do we communicate Riverdi RVT70HSSNWCA0 Display with an external micro-controller/Nucleo board?

Associate III

Hello everyone, Good day. Recently, I have bought a STM32 Display from Riverdi (model : RVT70HSSNWCA0) .
I would like to know how do I communicate an external STM32 Nucleo board with this display? For example : I want to read ADC Value from a potentiometer from the STM32 Nucleo Board and then have it be displayed on the Riverdi LCD. We are also using TouchGFX with Text Areas that have wildcards. How do we achieve something like this? Please provide kind support thank you best regards. 


Presumably you'd use the expansion connector and a UART to provide an inter-board communications channel. And a protocol or command/response type interaction over that channel.

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