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Hi, I'm using NUCLEOH743ZI2 & NUCLEOH743ZI with the MAT-Target and found some serveral bugs. STM32CubeMx 5.6.1 STM32MAT-Target 5.6.0

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  1. I can confirme this bug, onlye Timer on APB1-Bus are working with the target. When I'm use Timer 2 MATLAB runs into a infinit-loop.
  2. there are a Bug in the TIMER_config.tlc at line 531. When i use the timer in encoder-mode, it generate always an ISR but it is not configurated. When I'm change the following line everthing works fine. Compare the pictures below.


0693W000000WX0hQAG.bmpthis is also correct:  ISEQUAL(CH1_int,“on“)&&ISEQUAL(CH2_int,“on“)&&ISEQUAL(TIM_IRQ,“on“)


3. if have also configurate the timer-channel 3/4 as output compare with enabled interrupts.

Every time i generate the code it will generate the HAL_TIM_OC_DelayElapsedCallback and the ISRs I'm use via the functionscalls from the timer-block (isr channel outputs).

But in the HAL_TIM_OC_DelayElapsedCallback the the generatet code will override my

compare values like this:

/* Set the Capture Compare Register value */

       __HAL_TIM_SET_COMPARE(&htim8,TIM_CHANNEL_1,(uint32_t)((capture + htim->Instance->CCR1)));

the onle way i found to disable this is to manipulate also the TIMER_Config.tlc with the follow line: 0693W000000WX1pQAG.bmp

Can I configurate that without manipulate the TIMER_Config.tlc?


Associate III

I didn't know if this is a Bug or the normal behavior.

When i'm use the register access block it lose his settings (selected peripheral) every time Simulink reopens the model.