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H7 series FMC question

Associate III

Hi, I am using STM32H725 with the FMC interface and trying to clarify some issues.

The initial issue was seeing extra writes/reads on the bus - this seemed to be fixed by switching the banks to use the 0xC...0 address range or configuring the original bank with the MPU.

After this we can only use 32 bit aligned addresses, i.e 0,4,8 etc and always see two accesses even if using HAL_SRAM_Write_16b with a buffer size of 1.

According the the reference manual

When AXI transaction data size is different from the device data width, the result depends on the following factors: • AXI transaction data size is greater than the device data width: – Read/Write transactions: the FMC splits the AXI transaction into smaller consecutive accesses matching the external device data width.

So, am I right in thinking that accesses are always 32 bits and on the second access A0 will go high?

ST Employee

Dear @OHaza.1​ ,

This is an interesting Video/ tutorial that may help you on the observed behavior and right setting of MPU of Cortex-M7 on FMC area

STM32 MPU tips - 1 MPU usage in STM32 with ARM Cortex M7 - YouTube



Associate III

Did you get this working?  I'm using A0 as RS and having issues with A0 going high for the extra writes/reads.  A single write to 0x60000000 produces two writes, one to 0x60000000 and one to 0x60000001 just as you described.