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Flash wait states meaning

Associate II

Hi i have a generic doubt about falsh wait states:
Say we configured the PLL to run system core clock at 160 M Hz, with flash wait states as 5.

Then is cpu is equvilent to 32 MHZ core performance? (assuming 1 clk/ 1 inst, no ART's)

Could some one help me on this so that i will make my understandings better which helps me to choose the right controller for right application?.


It means the flash accesses at around 27 MHz (35 ns), but it's not accessing bytes, but rather 128 / 256-bit flash lines, thus one read can sustain multiple MCU instructions.

The H7 also has a cache so that hides latency of slower memories.

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@Tesla DeLorean  thanks for your reply. 
By considering 32 bit instruction and const data access (worst case) with 128 / 256-bit flash lines, it could fetch 4 / 8 instructions/data @ 27 M Hz. So apparently the processor speed is (worst) is 54 M Hz (considered 1 isntruction + 2 const data + 1etc)