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edge-blanking with 3-phase center-aligned PWM

Associate II

Comparator in STM32G4 is very fast. some glitch which is detected by COMP (during commutation PWM).
The overcurrent detection using internal comparator triggers below the theory (40A insteand 100A for example) I'm having trouble implementing the blanking mode in COMP with 3 timers (1 for each phase) .
Do you have an example or a note application to implement this mode?
thanks in advance.

ST Employee

Hello @NToua.2461

You can find an example of how to implement the blanking mode in COMP with 3 timers on STM32G4 in the STM32CubeG4 package. The example is named 'COMP_OutputBlanking'. This example explains how to use the Comparator peripheral output blanking feature. You can find the projects under the following folder

  • STM32Cube_FW_G4\Projects\NUCLEO-G474RE\Examples\COMP\COMP_OutputBlanking

Hope that helps!

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Associate II

Hi Sarra ;

thank you for your reply; I've already seen this example with a TIM_COUNTERMODE_UP.
Now I'm looking for a COMP_OutputBlanking example with "PWM center aligned mode ".


thank u