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Digital potentiometer X9C103s

Associate II

Hello everyone!

Do you guys know how one can establish a connection b/w STM32H7A3ZIQ and a potentiometer X9C103s?

Do I need to include a new library for that in the main body of the program? if so, how?

Are there any resources I may utilize to establish such a connection?


ST Employee

The X9C103S is a simple digital potentiometer that requires no special connection. Only a few GPIOs are needed, which you "press" instead of a button and thus:

  • enables the potentiometer for writing (pin 7, -CS)
  • sets the direction of the change (pin 2, U/-D)
  • applies one low pulse per step (pin 1, -INC)

Yes, you can even find Arduino libraries for this, but it's so simple that you can write it yourself with just a few lines.

<edit>I forgot to point out that the digital potentiometer is operated with 5V. So you have to take 5V-tolerant pins on the STM32H7A3 and operate them with open-drain and external pull-up.</edit>

Good luck!



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Associate II

Hello Peter!

Many thanks for your reply.

Let me see how to translate this into logic. (I'm still a rookie in programming and in using STM32)

What is meant by saying, 5V tolerant pins?


> What is meant by saying, 5V tolerant pins?

Those, which are marked as FT (FT_***) in the pin definition table in datasheet.

But the input levels of X9C103S are TTL-compatible (2.0V/0.8V), they will work with the TC pins of STM32, too, as long as VDD of STM32 is 2.7V and higher.