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Custom usb


Hi Team,


I'm using STM32H743 series controller.

I want to implement USB Base class on STM32H743. Unfortunately CubeMX will not support it.

Any example code which works on Base class- 00h, Sub class -00h and protocol -00h

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Class 00h, sub class 00h, protocol 00h in the device descriptor means that the actual class/subclass/protocol are defined in the Interface descriptor, or (more likely) the device is composite and has several functions, with their  own descriptors. ST USB library has "composite builder" for creating composite devices, and USBX has support for composite devices.

Note: if by custom you mean the vendor specific class, it is not 00/00/00. Interface (USB function) with Class 00h, sub class 00h, protocol 00h is not valid.



ST Employee

Hi @RJ1 

You can get information from interface descriptors after it has been enumerated by host. But there is no example dedicated to base class.

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