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Can STM32F407VGT6U acts like STM32407VGT6?

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I just bought STM32 Discovery Board with STM32F407VGT6U ICs, the thing is i use the stm32duino extension on arduino IDE, and on one laptop we can't upload it, on other laptop the Board can't send Serial data, previously i use the STM32F407VET6 series and work just fine. also i hear that the 'U' at the end stand for the Java dedicated device? is it true? and can i make it like VGT6 basic series? also some people said you need to erase it to make it like normal, how to do it? Thank you, any help is appreciated

Andrew Neil
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The meanings of all the letters at the end of the part number are described in the Datasheet



No it's not Java. It means that it for development/education purposes, and is Unlicensed for commercial applications, so IP licenses related to CAN, Ethernet, etc have not be paid.

Basically ST paid less for the part in terms of internal accounting.

The U and Non-U part will be functionally the same. The VG vs VE is just the amount of FLASH tested on the die.

The amount of glare in the picture makes it practically unreadable. Use macro mode if available, and a closer / oblique angle to minimize glare.

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This was the Java one  STM32F407IGH6J


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See also your previous thread:

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i still kinda confuse tho, maybe cause i use arduino IDE, but the Serial print not work there, works fine with older board VET series one, also when i plug it in, it appears like on the image here. it like it's acts like flashdisk or other save deviceScreenshot 2024-04-04 175631.png

maybe you can explain it as i'm still confuse with this as it act like a save deviceScreenshot 2024-04-04 175631.png

The STLink built in to the DK board should present BOTH the disk drive (which you can use to download firmware by drag-n-dropping the BIN (or hex) file onto the drive), and a virtual COM port. 

When you say "the board can't send serial data" what exactly do you mean?  Do you mean the STM32 firmware writes to the UART but the PC doesn't see it?  Are you using the STLink virtual COM port for the serial data (i.e. using the STM32F407 UART that is connected to the STLink's UART)?

well there's some thing that i still confused for, first when plug there was appear a drive like it act as a flashdisk or something you can save file on it too (picture below), second when i plug the debugger (ST-LINK) it was recoqnised as COM PORT which my previous STM32 Discovery dev board not like that as the previous only the UART Serial one's recoqnised as the COM-PORT and not the debugger. maybe you can help me with it, sorry maybe i'm asking too much.Screenshot 2024-04-04 175631.png

The ST-LINK/V2-1 implementation used for mBed provides a means to drag-n-drop .BIN files which will be burned onto the FLASH of the STM32. It also adds a VCP, but unfortunately on the STM32F407I-DISCO this doesn't connect to anything, as it's an older design originally shipping with ST-LINK/V2 implementation that lacked both of these additions.

On NUCLEO boards, and newer DISCO/DK boards, this VCP typically connects to a UART on the STM32, allowing for diagnostic or telemetry type output to be viewed on a terminal. This can aid debugging, provide dynamic analysis, or a means to communicate and configure your code from a PC.

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