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16384 points of FFT(Fast Fourier Transform)

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Hello community, In my project requires upto 16384 points of FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) . I found out that I can’t perform this number of FFT points using arm CMSIS DSP library since it is limited to 4096 point Max. Due to this I have to use external library So I dont have any external library idea guide me to achive this  on the micro-controller (STM32H745ZI).CMSIS DSP It works well up to 4098 point.  I need to perform 16384 point so any library files,links , ideas or any video links could helpfull...
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By looking above links i didnt get any. mainly i am looking for library file is it possible to share ??

Go on.

The FFT is a very long-established and widely used algorithm - there must be plenty of general implementations that could be ported to any target ...

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*.I want to perform a 16384 or 32768 points FFT  we cant perform this much of points using CMSIS_DSP library  clear this point .

*. So i need to choose a library which will support ( to perform 16384 or 32768 points in STM32H745xx microcontroller and the sotware STM32CubeIDE )  

which library should i choose ?how to adopt that? Any library name or library file or library link ?

  so will resolve this step first later will move further .

Have you actually tried searching the interwebs?

Again, the FFT is a very long-standing and widely-used algorithm - there must be plenty that can do this; eg,

Also, for finding source code, GitHub is a good place to search; eg,