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The ST intranet updater server is unknown:

Associate III


I am trying to get the STEVAL-CTM011V1A working with the STEAVA-CTM01xV1 1shunt_FOC firmware that I downloaded to begin evaluation and development.
Buy the STLINKV3 development board and attached programmer with the isolator accessory.
The only thing I get is the error "The ST intranet updater server is unknown:" and when running the ST engine control workbench version:
WB_to_Mx version "1.5.1"
WB_to_Mx.template version "21-11-15"

Device not connected

MMICalc DLL - Version
Basic Motor Control Serial Protocol Library - Version
TL_003 Frame Transport Layer - Version 1, 0, 0, 0
PL_001 Dynamic Link Library - Version 1, 1, 10, 0

I attach a screenshot of the error result.
I can't move forward, apparently, to be able to run an engine and begin testing the code it generates.
I need help.

Project generation ERR.jpg

Blessings on your courage, that's the way to the stars
cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @PGinhson,

From what I can see your project seems to be complete. The error you mentioned is a false error that does not prevent project generation. From my experience, if it reaches main.c and main.h generation, the project is complete.

Did you try to open the generated folder and load your project with cubeIDE ? if it compiles successfully, it will confirm my assumption.



Associate III

Hi @cedric H 
Thank you for your response.

I tried to follow the indication of your co-worker @GMA  on other TOPIC, where he says that I can start and stop the motor with the example firmware fron the workbench.


I need to understand first how to use the software given.

Do you know where I can found a tutorial or documentation where I can learn about the code generated? Because a see a lot of routines on the mc_api.c but is not easy to lern how to use.
Thank you for your time.



Blessings on your courage, that's the way to the stars
ST Employee


Please go through the user manual documentation:


APIs are described in "4.2 Motor control API" chapter.

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