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Motor control FOC sensor-less startup problem


Hi all!
I'm currently developing my own motor control board and have encountered a problem with running the FOC algorithm
I can’t understand how the motor should start correctly in sensorless mode. At the moment, when first starting, the program periodically accelerates and slows down the motor, and after several such attempts it abruptly stops it. After this, a large jump in current occurs, which leads to a drop in voltage and my three-phase driver goes into protected.

If I check the motor in a profiler and set a small rated current of 2-3A, 12V.
Then the motor starts and spins continuously.

Can anyone help me understand this startup? Why is this needed and how to turn it off so that the engine immediately starts to gain speed without this check.

At the moment I am a student at a technical university, I have only recently started working in this direction, forgive me if I am not competent somewhere.