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How to write a Motor control post to get a response quickly

Zied b.
ST Employee

In order to have a quick response to your forum posts, the best way to ask the question is:

- Give the version of the MCSDK used.
- Say if the problem concerns a tool (MC Workbench, Motor Pilot, Motor Profiler..etc.)
- Provide picture of tools interface when is possible.
- Attach the STWB6 file of the project or the JSON of the board when possible.
Choose a label for the post ( Motor Pilot MC Workbench..etc.), you can select it to the right of where you write the message.
Here is a template that you can reuse:

[VERSION]: Version of MCSDK
[TOOL]: Name of tool ( Firmware,MC WB,MC PROFILER...etc)
[DETAILS]:symptom observed or request/question details
[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR]:if related to performance then what is the target
[HOW TO REPRODUCE]:input, output, steps

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Step#1 Open a new thread for each new question..

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