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How to write a Motor control post to get a response quickly

Zied b.
ST Employee

In order to have a quick response to your forum posts, the best way to ask the question is:

- Give the version of the MCSDK used.
- Say if the problem concerns a tool (MC Workbench, Motor Pilot, Motor Profiler, etc...)
- Provide picture of tools interface when is possible.
- Attach the STWB6 file of the project or the JSON of the board when possible.
Choose a label for the post ( Motor Pilot MC Workbench, etc...), you can select it to the right of where you write the message.
Here is a template that you can reuse:

[VERSION]: Version of MCSDK
[TOOL]: Name of tool ( Firmware, MC WB,MC PROFILER, etc..)
[DETAILS]:symptom observed or request/question details
[EXPECTED BEHAVIOR]:if related to performance then what is the target
[HOW TO REPRODUCE]:input, output, steps

But before entering a new post, please consider to first check our Motor Control documentation available via Work Bench Tool by clicking on About -> Documentations -> Documentation -> in the newly open browser window, click on User Manual.
More generally speaking, you can also find useful information on our solution thanks to our MCSDK Wiki.

If you agree with my answer, please accept it by clicking on "Accept as solution".
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Step#1 Open a new thread for each new question..

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