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STM32 SPI Bootloader start up application failed.


Hello Together,

Currently, I met an issue about the internal bootloader download application by SPI.

Firstly, let me describe the background.

  • MCU, STM32F750V8 rev, Z
  • Taget, I want to use the internal SPI bootloader to download the application from the SPI master Side to RAM 0x20004000 and then run it in RAM.
  • I follow the document AN4286 which introduced the protocol for the SPI.
  • I confirm every step I transfer firmware to slave side and got the ACK, I also run go command (0x20004004)successfully, also got the ACK from bootloader. But the result is not what I want(I make the led flash in the firmware but it doesn't flash)

The above is my processes about how to use bootloader get the firmware, follow I write how the firmware generate.

  • I use CubeMX and CubeIDE generate the firmware and there is not any changes in it.
  • I could download the firmware by CubeIDE and confirm the LED could flash.
  • but when I use the bootloader download the binary and use the Go command to switch the address but nothing happen.

Is there any body know where I am wrong, whether I could not use the binary which generate by the default conjuration settings?

The binary code is very simple that I only write the LED flash in while(1).​

​The attachment is the binary which download to STM32.