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no FATFS in stm32u59 ?

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working with a custom board that utilizes the STM32U599 microcontroller, and I'm attempting to establish communication with an SD card. The IDE I'm using presents the option of FileX alongside ThreadX; however, my application is exclusively built on FreeRTOS. I've noticed through various discussions that FATFS is commonly implemented for SD card interactions, but I'm unable to find this option, even after perusing the uninstalled packages in the IDE. My familiarity with integrating SD card functionality with STM microcontrollers is quite minimal. Could anyone provide some guidance or recommendations on how to proceed with this setup? Thank you in advance.

ST Employee

Hello @Anassoumi 

With the STM32CubeU5 firmware package, there has been a migration from FATFS to FileX for file system management. FileX is a robust file system that comes with the Azure RTOS suite.


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Thanks for your reply , My application is heavily based on freertos at this point so I don't believe that i can use FileX, what would you recommend for such case ? 

Andrew Neil
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FatFS is  generic code - you can just use it as any other source code:


See also:

which has a GitHub link to download ST's port of FatFS

Sorry to ask - but answer after 2 months ... how this?

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