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How to integreate X-CUBE-CELLULAR with NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q

Associate III

I want to Integrate the cellular package with my NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q board and integrate it with the sim7600 modem.

I have downloaded the package from here.(
But I am not sure how to move further.
Could you please help me with some inputs?




Pavel A.
Evangelist III

This web page has Documentation section and there is the Getting Started document, Development guidelines and so on. This should give a clue. For more help in research and coding please see the links I've given before.


@Pavel A. Thanks for the quick info 
Could you please confirm whether it is possible to integrate Xcube cellular with my Nucleo STM32U5A5ZJTxQ board? 
From the documentation of Xcube Cellular, I can see that "X-CUBE-CELLULAR consists of a set of libraries and application examples for STM32L4 / STM32U5 Series MCUs acting as hosts for cellular connectivity applications."



I have downloaded the Celluar package and found one example for PPP. But how can I port this application into the STM32U5A5ZJTxQ?




Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Hi @srikanthpalvai  From the X-CUBE-CELLULAR description, you need STMod+ adapter to connect the cellular device to the Nucleo.


The software supports STM32U5 family, and, per the description, LCD or external memories are not required  So it should be possible to run it on this Nucleo.

For further steps please see the ST wiki: Cellular:Cellular X-CUBE-CELLULAR F.A.Q. - stm32mcu

Or right away start looking for a consultant/contractor, and offload the chore of studying the software and examples onto them.









@Pavel A. 





I believe I can utilize it directly without the need for the STMod+ adapter, as the SIM7600 is designed as a HAT for the Nucleo board.

However, I'm interested in understanding if the X-CUBE-CELLULAR package includes a custom modem interface section or any specific provisions that would allow me to integrate my SIM7600 module without having to modify the entire cellular code base. Essentially, I'm looking for a way to seamlessly incorporate my modem into the existing framework without significant modifications.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Thank you for clarifying the situation. So, to consider the hardware side covered, it remains only to check that the "HAT" interface pins match the Nucleo (UART pins go to UART, power to power, ground to ground... etc).

If you have already powered it up and no smoke come from it, likely they do match ))

Now try the basic communication between STM32 and the modem: send some AT commands over the UART and receive replies. No need to use any special libraries at this step. Just the UART or two and GPIOs.

Have you checked the links in my previous replies? Any suitable contractor close to your location?


I was able to bring the communication and Trying the x-cube cellular application 
and I ended up with this issue, I have posted it yesterday


Great, your STM32 talks to the modem. Now it's debug time! Hope @MJAC.1 will be able to spot the problem.