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Can anyone help me interface my stm32f767zit6 board with ethernet with detailed explanation.

Associate II

Hello guys, I have a stm32f767 board and I have just recently started my coding journey on stm32 boards. So now I am stuck on ethernet configuration with this board. Tried to find some reference on internet but there is not much resource available. So can anyone please explain what are the steps for interfacing ethernet communication with stm32f767zit6.

ST Employee

Hello @RSing.17​  and welcome to STCommunity 🙂 ,

I recommend you to follow the Steps as described in this FAQ: How to create project for STM32H7 with Ethernet and LwIP stack working.

This FAQ developed in STM32CubeMX with STM32H750-Discovery board.

But, you can get inspired from this article to configure your project with STM32F767 MCU.

Also, you can start from LwIP example, available in STM32CubeF7 package.

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Thank you


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is there any other explanation to this question!?

Could you give a hint what is missing in ​the above reply?

If you are new to STM32 or microcontrollers in general, unfortunately you're approaching a steep learning ramp.

I want to actually interface it without using RTOS, is there anything related to that?

Chief II

> is there any other explanation to this question!?

There indeed is - networking is not for beginners. And that includes ST's "geniuses" too...