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ST-Link Firmware V3J15M6 won't enumerate under Windows as Debug+VCP


I just installed Cube IDE 1.15.1 on my Windows machine. When I attempted to connect to a target, it asked to update the firmware for the ST-link. The upgrade process worked, but when the pod re-booted Windows was unable to find a suitable driver and the ST-link appeared to be bricked.  Checking the Device Driver manager, the ST-link was enumerating with a VID/PID that I could not find listed in the driver INF file.

Fortunately my Linux system was able to enumerate the ST-link and re-flash it back to an earlier version of the firmware. The upgrade was then run again on Windows and the type changed to "Debug+Mass storage+VCP". In this configuration Windows was able to locate a driver.

These actions are repeatable for me. If using firmware V3J15M6 on Windows, I recommend leaving the "Mass storage" option enabled.