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Where do I find my UART pins on STM32H735IG-DK?

Associate II

Dear all,


I've been looking through the datasheets, trying to find where are the pins for all of those UARTs I'm supposed to have:


As seen on the picture, so far I was able to find only 1 and 7. I've also discovered 3 but haven't activated it because it's a Virtual COM Port. Does any of you have any ideas where the pins are (physically on the board and software-wise)?

ST Employee

Hello @Nick_Tesla 

As you can see on the UM2679, only UART1, USART3, UART7 are on the only instance available on the connectors of this Board. If you are looking for more UARTs, It will be a good idea to use a Nucleo Board.



Best Regards.


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DK/DISCO boards tend to consume all available pins for other functionality.  Like screens and SDRAM

Available UART look at Arduino Shield pins.

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I use UART3 on exactly that board for debugging.

And from the H735's view, it is NOT a virtual com port, the USB VCOM functionality is in the extra ST-Link STM32.

There might be some "relatively free" pins on all the connectors, depending if you use the display or other stuff.

So if you need some other UARTs besides those that @STTwo-32 mentioned, you have to check the datasheet's alternate function table and compare to the schematics.