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Power through STLINK-V3MINI/MODS USB connector?

Associate III

I have a STM32H750 board and I have been able to do the debugging by powering the board through STLINK-V2. I have some other boards, where the 3V3 or 5V through STLINK-V2 is not used and the power is often through an USB connector.

My STM32H750 board has the USB connector but the 5V power is not connected. Is there any way, that I could tap on the 5V power in the USB connector on STLINK-V3MINI/MODS board.

PS. I do prefer the MODS over MINI to allow easy building of custom cables for different use cases. The manual soldering of wires to 0.05 pitch was a new experience, but not a major challenge. A hot shrink tube is protecting the soldered wires.

PPS. I really like the small size of V3MINI/MODS. The V3SET has a nice functionality, but it is bulky and requires 3D printed case in real life.

Associate III

After using the 3 different versions of the STLINK-V3 for some months, I have started to like the V3MODS. I do realize, that my original request to have power through the STLINK is not right. It is better to use the voltage line to monitor the voltage in the target system.

For the connection between the V3MODS and the target system, I did try several methods. Now my favorite is to use the flat cable that came with the V3MODS. After cutting the other connector off, I do use Dupont pins for the 6 relevant lines (GND, Voltage, SWSCK, SWDIO, TX, and RX). For some boards, the NRST line is required. For the older boards, I do use two connectors, one for SWD and one for UART. For the newer boards, a single 8 pin connector is enough as it includes both SWD and UART.