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Is it possible to configure eclipse to debug using the ST-Link v3 of the STM32G474-Nucleo board?

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Good Morning,

I am currently using a Nucleo -board stm32g474re, but I am unable to configure eclipse to connect to the Nucleo using the ST-Link v3.

Is it possible to configure eclipse to debug using the ST-Link v3 of the Nucleo board?

In the past with Nucleo that had St-Link v2, I used a Segger tool to convert the St-Link to J-link.

Now with the new ST-link v3 this Segger tool is not compatible.

My goal is to be able to configure the project in eclipse so that I can use a simple USB cable to compile and debug.

Have any of you already had this problem and can you help me?


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Have you found an answer or a solution to this question, in the meantime? Thank you, for sharing it! =)


So in the end I solved it like written here, using openOCD. Just adapted the target config file to use g4x.cfg

Get openOCD from:

To see registrers, you can get updated SVD file from here:

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Hi, thank you for the answer.

No, in the end I used the j link.

thanks for the suggestion

How have you used the J-Link?

As far as I know, the on-board debugger ST-LINK/V3 is not supported by the Segger tool. Or am I wrong here?

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Yes is true, the ST-Link v3 is not supported by Segger tool. I by-passed the ST link and i used the MIPI10 connector of nuceo board to link the j-link debugger (JTAG/SWD) of the Segger.