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STHV1600 custom waveform generation


Hi all,

I have been testing the STHV1600 evaluation module and want to generate a continuous wave (CW) that would change after some time. Currently, the STSW-IME014 GUI software seems to allow creating multiple CW patterns and assigning them to a specific channel, but it does not allow changing the patterns once they are set.

I am currently testing with four channels, and three output levels (Vp, Vm and gnd). I am trying to make so that all 4 channels are outputting 1MHz, 50% duty cycle waveform CW1 for 1minute. Afterwards, a delay is introduced to the channels so that each channel outputs the same waveform, but with a 1/4 of a period delay: t_start_0 = 0 us, t_start_1 = 250us, t_start_2 = 500 us, t_start_3 = 750 ns. This secondary pattern should run for a minute as well and then repeat. Generally, I would like to generate multiple delay patterns, that change over time.

Could someone advise me on whether this is possible through STSW-IME014 GUI?

In case it is not possible through the GUI software, my second idea was to program the Nucleo with the required patterns and timing functions to control the STHV1600 without the GUI.

Does anyone know of the best way to go about it? Any suggestions welcome.