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spi drives mp34dt05 microphone chip and collects PDM data stream

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I now want to use the spi port of the stm32F407 series to collect data from the PDM microphone of mp34dt05. My SPI is set to the main device to only receive. There are SCK and MISO ports. The SCK clock is 2.25Mhz. MISO receives data, but I found that I collected The pdm data flow basically caused no changes based on my environment changes. I felt like I had no real purpose. Can you tell me in detail the correct driver for the mp34dt05 microphone chip on spi? Is there a driver file for the mp34dt05 microphone chip? If so, can you send it to me? Thank you for your attention.

ST Employee

Hello @Daqiang ,

have you already had a look to the firmware examples available in X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 (link)?

There there is no direct support for NUCLEO-F406, but you can check for the demo available for NUCLEO-F401RE (the setup should be similar). You can try the demo and have a look to the User Manual of the X-CUBE package, then come back for further support.


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  Thank you very much for your reply. I read the mic file you sent me, but the content in it is complicated and difficult for me to analyze. However, I still found some content in it, including the configuration of spi into slave receiving mode. , this is different from the configuration of the SPI receiving microphone used in the AN5027 application note I saw. However, the method in the AN5027 application note can collect data, but the other one cannot, so is there a better example that can express it clearly? What is the function of spi receiving microphone? Another thing I want to confirm is whether the mp34dt01 microphone will automatically start working, automatically collect data, and automatically send data as long as the clk clock frequency is within 1Mhz~3Mhz. This is very important to me. Although the chip currently used is the STM32F407 series
, but I want to use it in the STM32F103 series chips that do not have i2s ports in the future, only spi ports, so it is very important to me whether the spi receiving microphone function can be used. Thank you for your attention and reply.

Best regards