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[LIS3DSH] Equivalent model and noise spectral density

Associate II

Hi to all, I would use accelerometer LIS3DSH for seismic purposes.

I have these 2 questions:

1) is there available equivalent accelerometer model (including digital and analog internal filters) for Matlab simulations?

I need this for displacement/velocity compensation.

2) on datasheet it's reported typical noise spectral density (150 ug/Hz) at 100 Hz data rate, are there available noise values for different ODR?


ST Employee

hi @mbertoni​ , it's an interesting application, please find below my answers if they can help you:

  1. Unfortunately the matlab model is not publicly available, especially for the internal ASIC blocks
  2. Here below a more complete overview on noise spectral density vs ODR (characterization, not datasheet, data)



Associate II

Sorry for delay, I am back and I am newly re-assigned to this project.

Ok, model not available for internal ASICS.

Is there available equivalent mode?

I mean, let's say ODR 400 Hz, there must be a frequency response DC to near 200Hz. How flat is frequency response? Let's say DC to 150Hz. What about phase? Is it linear? Is it similar to 1th or 2nd or 3rd order Butterworth?

So I know for DC to 100 Hz bandwidth I need I can use ODR 400 Hz and I have equivalent-fake model, in this case I don't take care of real model.

Is it enough clear?